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Perhaps no other eighteenth-century artist can be considered more authentically European than Mozart (1756-1791): in only thirty five years he visited at least 204 towns and cities in 10 different European countries. When travelling, Mozart met other musicians, local dignitaries, heads of state, bankers, painters, coffee house owners, barbers, postmasters, clothiers and diplomats, among many others; and he composed and performed his own and other people's works. Most of these travels are documented in the family letters, which detail not only his musical activities, but also the customs and habits of the countries he visited - by his own admission, they give the best account of his personal and artistic development. This site provides a complete, four-language, annotated searchable edition of Mozartsí letters, based not only on the best modern scholarship but also on new research, and it offers users first-hand insight into the workings of a remarkable eighteenth-century musical career. As a platform for disseminating ĎMozartí, it is infinitely expandable: aside from the identification of people, places and works, it can or will include links to a source catalogue, to recordings of Mozartís works and the works of others and a complete iconographical and documentary record of Mozartís life and times. In short, everything that is relevant to Mozart can find a place here.
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